>    First, no third party (even the author of a GPLed work) can
   >    give you permission to copy anything from a computer or medium
   >    that is not your property.
   > The owner of the computer/CD explcitly gave this permission by
   > giving access to the content.  What part of the scenario do you
   > simply not understand?

   If I give some person the key to my apartment and ask him to fetch
   a book from there, that does not mean that he gets all rights that
   I as the owner of the apartment have.  It does not give him
   permission to read my letters, even though the content of the
   letters is not tangible property.

   You still confuse "access" and "ownership".  The owner is the
   licensee, nobody else.

And you are confusing property with software.  If I take your book,
you loose the book.  If I make a copy of a program that is stored on
the CD (I'm legally allowed to make a copy, I have access to it, and
the license allows me to do this), you do not loose the CD or the
program.  If you had a duplication machine which could duplicate the
book a million times, you'd have a point, sadly, no such machine
exists to my knowledge, so you don'g have a point.  You are also
forgetting whatever license the book might have.

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