Hyman Rosen wrote:
On 4/15/2010 1:30 PM, RJack wrote:
Why believe your lyin' eyes when you've got Hyman Rosen and his powerful cognitive abilities at your service? Hyman can, through sheer mental concentration, turn fantasy into reality. Upward points downward and white magically becomes black. It's like having
 your own personal Fantasy Island.

After each case brought by the SFLC concluded, the defendants have made the GPL-covered sources properly available under the GPL.

Undisputed fact 1) There has never been a link to "BusyBox v. 0.60.3"
published by any BusyBox defendant in an SFLC suit -- ever.

Undisputed fact 2) No court has ever granted *any* relief requested by
any BusyBox plaintiff -- ever.

Undisputed fact 3) No settlement agreement concerning a BusyBox suit has
been published -- ever. 

Who are we to believe? A Marxist GPL crackpot who claims a copyright
license is not a contract or our own lyin' eyes?

RJack :)
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