OK I'm so fucking tired of this.

I use OpenBSD. I use GCC. Use GNU/Linux.

BSD is free. GPL is free.

Don't worry. The GPL license and the "Free Software" religion will soon
reside in history's trashbin that contains Urban Legends.

Alexander, please stop drinking de Raadt's Kool Aid.

De Raadt's "Kool Aid" resides in the World of Reality. His philosophical
"Kool Aid" consists of "Use it for anything you want, just be honest
about where it came from".

Or Shut up and Hack. Come to this list when PCC is good enough to be
 on OpenBSD by default.

PCC doesn't need more hackers. PCC and the BSD's need more donations and
support from commercial vendors for drivers.

I put my money where my mouth is and proudly donate.

RJack :)

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