My name is Brent and I have drafted a proposal for a Cryptocurrency Payment
System. I believe the program has merit and is far more advanced than
anything on the market today, be it Bitpay or Coinbase. I just believe that
they deserve competition, but beyond them, I want to offer real solutions
to businesses, but also buyers and sellers. I want to establish ease of
transaction and make Bitcoin smooth,  but this will not be limited to just
Bitcoin as it will work for all cryptos, but first thing is first, and the
infrastructure must be laid out for Bitcoin for ease of acceptance in the
Others are already showing their true colors with partnerships and selling
points of aligning themselves with big credit card companies. Others are
vulnerable to hackers and attack, one was even reported yesterday to have
emails hacked into. That doesn't matter, that is the programs they
designed, and that is the partnerships they forged for their corporations.
In the name of freedom, controlling our own destiny, privacy, and a better
management tool for commerce, while bringing competition to the Wild West,
I am seeking a development team to help out all along the way, from input
to output. I think when you realize the tool this is, you would be proud to
have been involved and will glad you came out on top as the leader in
payment methodology.
Others have already taken to the streets with their business model. I know
we can and will do better.
At this point, I want to seek guidance from the GNU project if that is
possible. As for the team and proof of work, I guess we need to see
expertise and desire and passion for being the best and advance this
Let me know how you wish to proceed in this conversation. It's all freedom.

Thank you very much,

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