Wikipedia have an amoral approach of what is an encyclopedia.
For example, Wikipedia rejects the use of the real name "GNU/Linux" in
articles about this system because GNU/Linux is often called "Linux"[1].
Non-free software is an example of that amoral approach and thrives on
it. Thus, in the long run it would be self-defeating for freedom to
adopt that approach. Wikipedia uses this amoral approach, and makes it a

This amoral approach is similar to the amoral "open source" approach of
the FLOSS[3] community.

[1]: []
[2]: [htttp://
[3]: I use the neutral term because I want to talk about the community
which uses and develops this software genre, without refers to a
particular approach for view this community. I use "free software" in
other cases, because I promote the freedom-oriented approach.

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