Hi all,
I had a kind of epiphany some time back, around the same time that I quit
Facebook for the second time in disgust. The general idea is implement an
open, distributed and secure alternative to some of the services that FB
offers; without getting caught in the trap of replicating the existing mess
but different for profit. Distributed as in no data on the server, plain
old email is used as transport. And secure as in all data encrypted (using
libsodium) and stored locally. I haven't had much luck in finding people
who are motivated enough yet, but then I remembered a talk by RMS that I
went to back in the days and how it helped get me started down this path.
The software is implemented in C++ with a GTK+ UI and comes licensed under
GPLv3, you may find it here:


Please let me know if you have any questions or ideas, or if I'm posting
this in the wrong place.

Be well,
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