Do you have a link to the article on microagressions that you disagreed

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> I had time to read the Go code of conduct, and agree with all the
> points except one.
> The one I disagree about is the one about microagressions.
> I once read an article containing a list of alleged microagressions.
> I concluded that some of them really were aggressive in a subtle way,
> while others had been misunderstood.
> Looking at the first category, I think it would be marginally better
> to learn not to say them.  But it would take a lot of work to change
> all those habits -- more work than it is worth, and more than I can
> ask GNU developers to do on this.
> If we were superhuman AIs who could easily reprogram our ways of
> speaking, it might be worth while to avoid all those ways of speaking,
> in a certain activity.  But we humans don't have that ability.
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