Hi Brandon,

On Thu, Jan 02, 2020 at 04:40:37PM +0000, Brandon Invergo wrote:
> Please note: until now, we have been lenient about letting through posts by 
> non-
> subscribers to gnu-misc-discuss.  In order to reduce the burden of moderation
> (and to ensure that all relevant messages are let through without delay), we
> shall discard all posts by non-subscribers without any further
> consideration.  If you want to ensure that your messages get sent to the list,
> please subscribe.  Again, to stress: this was already the list policy, but now
> it will be enforced more strictly.

That is a change in list policy. The original list policy, and the one
I thought we agreed upon, was that only new posters and people placed
explicitly on moderation because of past behaviour would be
moderated. New posters, whether subscribed or not, would have their
moderation flag removed when shown to post constructively. At least
that is the policy of most other GNU mailinglists. There is normally
no need to explicitly subscribe to a list.

In general it is somewhat inconvenient if you can only post to the
list from the address with which you are subscribed. Some people read
and post through a nntp news gateway. Some are subscribed with one
specific address, but post through a different one. e.g. I am
personally not sure whether I am subscribed with my gnu.org or
klomp.org address, I guess we will find out once I post this :)



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