* Daniel Pocock <dan...@pocock.pro> [2020-02-05 22:00]:
> This is very relevant to discussions about a Code of Conduct
> The acid attack is also an interesting metaphor for what people have
> done to RMS, the attempts to associate him with villains, etc
> https://debian.community/codes-of-conduct-and-hypocrisy/

That is good link, explaining exactly what few of immoral people want
to do to the GNU project and RMS.



Quotes from the link:

Virtual incarceration

The system of secretly shaming people, censoring people, demoting
people and running huge lynching threads on the debian-private mailing
list has many psychological similarities to incarceration.

It resembles the medieval practice of locking people in the pillory or
stocks and inviting the rest of the community to throw rocks and
garbage at them.

How would we feel if somebody either responded to this virtual
lynching with physical means, or if they took their own life or the
lives of other people? In my earlier blog about secret punishments, I
referred to the research published in Social Psychology of Education
which found that psychological impacts of online bullying, which
includes shaming, are just as harmful as the psychological impact from
child abuse.

Would you want to holiday in a village that re-introduced this type of
cruel punishment? It turns out, studies have also shown that witnesses
to the bullying, which could include any subscribers to the
debian-private mailing list, may be suffering as much or more harm
than the victims.

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Article 10 tells us that
Everyone is entitled in full equality to a fair and public hearing by
an independent and impartial tribunal, in the determination of his
rights and obligations. They were probably thinking about more than a
two day response period when they wrote that.

Any organization seeking to have a credible code of conduct seeks to
have a clause equivalent to article 10. Yet the recent scandals in
Debian and Wikimedia demonstrate what happens in the absence of such
clauses. As Lord Denning put it, without any process or hearing,
members are faced with the arbitrary authority of the despot.

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