* Alexandre Garreau <galex-...@galex-713.eu> [2021-07-12 18:09]:
> But while I wouldn’t want to waste time on inventing lies about bill 
> gates, I wouldn’t either defend him, he’s just “yet another billionaire” 
> capitalist, that’s what come with fame and power, I never personally talk 
> to him, know nothing I appreciate about him, and he mostly does wrong.  So 
> well…

Bill Gates as business of Bill Gates was and is continuously penalized
by various governments due to the abusive and criminal way of doing
business. People may consider Bill Gates as leader, but he made sure
that there is no competition and destroyed the natural development of

This deposition is not the only case that is there:

Or like:

would Bill Gates be doing business as individual, not as corporation,
he would be life ling in prison for what harm they have done to

In the recent COVID creation, Bill Gates is using completely same
methods, he is suppressing competition by funding the World Health
and thus also influencing largely how to impose sanctions on the
world, while in the same time making sure how to sell vaccines:


According to history of Bill Gates, there is just nothing trusted
about him.


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