* Alfred M. Szmidt <a...@gnu.org> [2022-02-25 10:47]:
> Please stop thinking you know what someone misunderstood or not,
> specially when they are not on this list and can respond.

Allow me to think what I think as I have went through the book, and it
is my impression founded on very clear statements of Linus. That is my
review of the book as related to what he was thinking of operating
system. You may find it wrong and thanks for your insights. Though I
will keep thinking... 🤗

> The term "operating system" has multiple meanings, one is of a
> "monitor" (or kernel), another is a fully fledge system that the
> user can interact with.  We, in the GNU project, have always used
> the later definition of the term, and this is also what is meant
> when talking about Unix, BSD, etc.

Yes, that is what is referenced on Internet that means we have 2
definitions of "operating system". 

The mix of 2 definitions is visible in the "Just for Fun" book where
Linus refers to operating systems with applications such as Q-DOS or


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