On 2022-05-29 02:50, Alfred M. Szmidt wrote:
> How is this different from the pv command that is quite standard on
> GNU/Linux systems?

It's quite different in that pv is interposed between programs,
and provides some progress indication and throughput measurement,
which are updated on the TTY as the data moves across.
Whereas pw is at the end of the pipeline as a consumer, and
actually displays the content itself (which is expected to be text),
with interactive features.

It's particularly good for drilling in on repeating patterns,
kind of like an "oscilloscope for text". (Digital) scopes capture
signal samples through some internal buffer, and sample it on the
screen, with triggers that can make periodic patterns stabilize,
and pw kind of does that sort of thing with lines of text.

A few weeks ago I posted a new 7 minute demo/tutorial to Vimeo,
which is narrated; I do various things and indicate what commands
I'm using and what is going on.


Cheers ...

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