> Free Software does not care who you are, it is about the rights of the
   > individual to run, copy, distribute, study, change and improve
   > software.  Nothing else, nothing more.

   I wish this abstract ideal was reflected in actual reality!

But it does, the GNU project and the Free Software movement does not
care who you are.

   > Free software as such cannot be sexist, but that you do not wish to
   > partake in communities where who you are is imaterial, to the point
   > where you do not wish to spread the message that computer rights
   > matters is sad.  Hopefully you will reconsider, and fight for both
   > your right and other peoples rights to use a computer -- irrespective
   > of what other values or opinions you hold.

   It would be irresponsible to recommend someone to get involved with
   a group of people who may harass, bully, or verbally abuse them.

Something the GNU project does not do and has never done -- we wish to
include everyone, and trying to get rid of people isn't something that
is beneficial to our cuase -- but just like the above -- it would be
equally irresponsible, and possibly worsem to subjguate someones right.
Whom you hang around with is up to you, but you cannot change the
situation of a non-free program.

But lets keep this list on-topic, which means discussing the
development of the GNU projecs, its software, and free software in

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