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GNU LilyPond - The Music Typesetter

WHAT IS LilyPond?

LilyPond is the GNU Project music typesetter.  This program can print
beautiful sheet music from a music definition file.  It can also play
performances to a MIDI file.


* LilyPond now includes a completely new music font: the Feta font.  
  We were quite disappointed with available music fonts, so we rolled
  our own.  We did our best to copy the best symbol designs available,
  and we think that we've succeeded in doing so.  We're proud of the
  result, and we hope you agree, so go check it out!

* More elegant output due to 

        * more sophisticated beam/slur formatting
        * better spacing
        * better line breaking
        * better font design
        * PostScript output for variable symbols

* Lots of bugfixes

* More robust, flexible and tweakable design

* Better MIDI file importing

* Easier to use due to better shell scripts and input format

* MusixTeX is not needed anymore

* Faster


* Multiple staffs, polyphonic music (more voices on one staff),
Polymetric music.

* Support for full orchestral score: Hara_kiri systems (lines with
only rests are automatically skipped), multi-measure rests, bar
numbering, brackets at the left.

* Optimal beam slopes, slur/notehead collision resolution, dashed
slurs. Formatting parameters are runtime tunable

* Very beautiful symbols.  Variable size symbols generated on the fly
as embedded postscript.

* MIDI output

* Optimal linebreaking, manual intervention possible.  Linelength is
settable per line.

* Readable yet very fast to type input language.  With configurable
note names and identifiers.  Comes with an emacs-mode

* With lots of examples (among others a fragment of Van Beethoven's
Coriolan, J. S. Bach Cello Suite II, F. Schubert "Leise flehen meine

* Runs on UNIX and Windows-32.

* Easy generation of titling.

* WWW browsable documentation.

* Support for Urtext: separation of modern and original interpretation.

* Polyphonic music (with automatic collision resolution)

* Spacing and collision resolution of accidentals and syllables is
done automatically

* Internationalisation support (Italian, Dutch)

* Multiple font sizes within one piece

* Integration with LaTeX and YODL


Sources for this project are on (Europe)

More detailed info and examples can be found on the webpage at


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