LibOFX seems to be no longer actively developed. This is a problem because the 
OFX specification is approaching the second minor release (2.2) after LibOFX's 
target version as well as because there is at least one bug (relating to date 
handling) that affects GnuCash.

There is also a parsing problem with Chase Bank downloads because (in spite of 
being on the OFX committee) they've chosen to make their QFX downloads 
non-compliant.  This appears to cause LibOFX to get confused about what data 
belongs in what struct member.

Martin Preuss has suggested a couple of times that we drop LibOFX and use 
AQBanking for OFX/QFX processing. It would seem that the only viable 
alternative would be to fork LibOFX and maintain our own version, but we're 
already strapped for development resources so while that might allow us to put 
out a fire now and then we're not going to be able to keep up with spec changes 
any better than what's already happening.

Any other ideas?

John Ralls

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