On 31/01/2018 20:18, Matt Graham wrote:
Love the thoughts!

Simplicity is king I think. I am going to ponder your idea for longer Chris.. 
It may be that there is a better way to structure budgeting in gnc, or as 
Adrian says maybe a new user interface is the better way to go.

One thing on my todo list is to look into how I can attach a text field to each budget entry, and 
each account (to explain how the number was defined. Eg in my monthly budget I might want to attach 
a comment to the "Dining out" account that says "$50 per weekend, plus $100 each Wed 
for taking the wife to dinner" (if only I had the cash for that!!!!)). So, I may be looking 
more into budget account structures soon and thus be better placed to see the more flexible way 

Right click / Associate file with transaction

this should *not* be in devel, folks


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