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Subject: What version of txf export used in windows version 2.6.19
I tried importing my txf output file into H&R block Premium 2017, hoping it
works this year.  It doesn't.  I know they have a problem with importing, it
creates multiple copies of schedules C and F.  That is their problem not

I am under U.S. 1040 tax code.  Using windows version 2.6.19 of GnuCash.

3 questions.

1)  Looking in the txf.scm file it looks like you are using V42 not V41 from
the date fields. IE.

    (cons 'N370 #(none "Sched F" "Custom hire (machine work)" 1 #t "" ((2012
"7") (2011 "7a or b") (1990 "9"))))

Which version is it actually exporting?  V41 or V42?  The header says V41.

The latest version as of the report re-write was V41, dated 6/16/06, which was 
used. The dates you see are used for the report formatting and have nothing to 
do with the TXF output or the version of the txf spec. It has not been updated, 
yet, to version 42 because I did not know of it until just now.

2)  Also, there is very little information available about the internal
format of a .TXF file.  In Windows, does it matter if each line with data
ends in a carriage return <CR>, then followed by a blank line of only
<CR><LF> ?    IE:

AGnuCash 2.6.19<CR>

I don't know the answer to that specifically. When the report was first 
re-written there was a problem initially on the Windows platform with line 
endings that was fixed and tested by the user on Windows that reported the 
problem. I don't recall what tax software he used. You could test the relevance 
of the blank lines by using a text editor with a small sample to try different 
combinations and see if you get different results.

3)  there are only 685 codes in V041 and 717 codes in Version 042, all 3
digits.  Where did you find the codes with four digits?

There is a TXF Spec for Business "Business Tax Exchange Format for Forms 1065, 
1120, 1120S, 990, 990-PF, 990-T", V41, that was used.

--JEffrey Black M.B.A.




Thank you for the information.

Hopefully GnuCash V3 will have increased support for all of the V42 tax codes.  
I will add it to the wish list.  And while I am at it, wish that Inuit and 
co-conspirators would update the TXF to V43 (not likely), so it fits more of 
the new or updated forms.

Considered doing a build of GnuCash on my own, with the V42 codes and quickly 
rejected the idea.  I do not have time right now to even begin to attempt to 
update all of the related source code.

As for importing TXF files containing references to schedules C and F, H&R 
Block's techs have absolutely no idea how to do it either.  Meaning they do not 
support it.  Thankfully the printed report generated by GnuCash lists the form 
and last known line where data goes.  Anything that makes filling out IRS forms 
faster and easier is a god send.

In regards to the V41 business tax codes, I have been unable to locate the 
specs for it.  Can and would you point me to a link for it?

--JEffrey Black M.B.A.

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