Thanks John,

I did clone the googletest-master at
which has gmock incorporated. I will try pointing GMOCK_ROOT and GTEST_ROOT
at the copies within my user directory that I  installed it from as a shared
library in usr/local. I will also check the permissions on the shared
library to see if that is what is causing a problem.  

I will incorporate the patch
into the existing code and use v1.8.0 from now on. I have not found a
successful description on the ubuntu and linux mint forums for how to
properly install google test as a shared library. The readme under
googletest on github still describes the setup for v 1.7.0. I had changed
the install to put the libraries and includes in what seemed like
appropriate locations under /usr/local.

I would have got further today but unfortunately the weather here was
magnificent so I opted for fishing from my kayak instead but I will get back
to it tonight



David Cousens
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