As it turns out, thanks to #guile, I found out I had to 'sudo apt install guile-2.2-dev' to properly get the right guile-2.2.


On 11/05/18 21:29, Christopher Lam wrote:
As per subject.

Having successfully worked on guile-2.0, I wished to try 2.2 and 'sudo apt install guile-2.2' and all was well. I can run guile-2.2.

However cmake rebuild script cannot find guile-2.2 and tries to configure with guile-2.0 instead.

However the test suite runs using guile-2.2 and obviously fails.

I think the CMake guile-2.0/2.2 detector can't handle having both.

Any clues?

Attached logfile from cmake... && cd build && ninja && ninja check

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