I was looking at Bug 796083 and after some testing on Linux realised that
my reconcile sort fix may of fixed this.

Booted into Windows 10 and downloaded the nightly build
gnucash-3.1-2018-05-16-git-3.1-59-g5f5ad968f+.setup.exe and indeed it was
fixed. Just to make sure I also downloaded the latest release
build gnucash-3.1-3.setup.exe but noticed that the sort order of the
reconcile dialog was different, no default sort.

The nightly shows in the about box version Build ID: git 3.1-59-g5f5ad968f+
(2018-05-15) and is 97Meg
The release shows in the about box version Build ID: 3.0-118-gd2ef5fd0f+
(2018-04-28) and is 91Meg

Any ideas why ?

I was going to ask the reporter to try a later version, I think I will
specify the nightly, don't want another bug saying there is no default sort
order !!

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