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On Jul 10, 2018, at 6:45 PM, Wm <wm_o_...@yahoo.co.uk> wrote:

Aside: is there a reason why version changes aren't on (or easily found from) 
the front page  of gnucash.org? they used to be there.

David T. thought that it made the front page too busy and moved it to 
https://www.gnucash.org/news.phtml <https://www.gnucash.org/news.phtml>.

Hmmn. Does anyone else think that news and release notes aren't quite the same? That there has been a release, possibly with notes, is indeed news. I'm sorta thinking the release notes should be close to the download, especially for a version change, rather than tucked away under some Bugzilla stuff that the vast majority of users don't care about.

I can't find the release notes on sourceforge.net (which is, I think, were most people get their GnuCash from) either.

Ho hum. A thread nearby suggests someone else didn't have the 2.x to 3.x changes made clear to him.


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