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> The basic form is something like this:
> ----------
> Cash & Cash Equivalents, beginning of period:
> Cash Flow from Operations:
> Cash Flow from Financing:
> Cash Flow from Investing:
> Net Increase in Cash & Cash Equivalents:
> Cash & Cash Equivalents, end of period:
> ----------

For simplicity, the Beginning & End of Period lines might have to be left off 
and just report the Net Increase (Decrease) line.

This is because the Beginning of Period figure comes from the End Of Prior 
Period Balance Sheet. Since that will vary, and may not have even been run, 
there is no way to know what that would be. The only way around that would be 
to run the Balance Sheet code for a period *from the start of the book* to the 
day before the opening day of the CashFlow report, take that Cash figure, then 
run the rest of the code for the Cash Flow report, then add the Net change to 
that Cash amount to get the End of Period amount. (which is supposed to match 
the End of Period Balance Sheet cash amount as well)


I’m copying -devel on this to move the discussion there.

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