I'm a long-time satisfied Gnucash user, but have hit a technical snag that
is far beyond my ability to understand or remediate.

I am using Gnucash 3.5+ (2019-03-30) and recently upgraded my Win10Pro to
version 1903.  After the upgrade, when I open Gnucash I get a popup telling
me my current Gnucash file "could not be found.  The file is in the history
list; do you want to remove it? Yes/No."  I've tried yes and no, but seem
to be getting nowhere.

I keep my Gnucash files on my desktop (and also backup to the cloud), and
when I open the desktop folder I see that the most recent Gnucash
transactions aren't there with the earlier sessions.

Can some nice person on this list walk me (gently) through the proper fix?

Grandma Ellen
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