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Am Mi., 14. Aug. 2019 um 03:26 Uhr schrieb David Cousens
> At present the transaction importing documentation in the Help manual has no
> full description of how the import main matcher goes about the process of
> searching for and matching an imported transaction to an existing
> transaction or how it assigns a transfer account using the original mapping
> process or the more recent Bayesian approach.
> I am in the process of going through the code at present for my own
> edification and could create an expanded description of these processes in
> their current state either for inclusion in the Help manual or  as a Wiki
> page. My concern is that a detailed explanantion in the importing
> transaction section of the help manual may make that section too long
> winded. If that is not a significant issue, that would be my personal
> preference.
> Does anyone have any strong preferences as to which is the better option ?

Your Docbook knowledge is sufficient to write directly for the Manual.
And you are smart enought to see that "The best way to migrate data
from XYZ to Gnucash" would belong into the Guide.

I fear if you put it at first in the wiki, it will stay there for years.


> David Cousens
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