Hi responding to myself:

First, forgot plain text in the first email, so I fixed the formatting in the 
original below to make it easier to read.
Second, my system has both icu 61 which is the one explicitly required for 
webkit as well as has icu 64 which was installed as part of the libxml2 
library.  When I do a pkg-config, it finds the version 61 one.  I suspect this 
might be related to my problem, but I'm not experienced enough as a programmer 
to figure out how to solve it.


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Hi All,
I have recently worked on building GNUCash on windows to try to debug a problem 
I've been having with my reports.  I found a few things that look like the 
script might need to be updated for (or I had something wrong in my procedure).

1.  I had to install some packages through pacman manually:
openssl-devel - this seemed to keep python's hashlib from working correctly and 
not able to go very in the build process (I didn't start keeping notes right at 
the beginning).
mingw-w64-i686-gnutls - I don't remember the exact error this caused, but I had 
to install it to continue. (I think I had to use this format as well to install)
glib2-devel - Required for gnucash.
libxml2-devel - Required for gnucash
libxslt-devel - Required for gnucash

2.  When I got to webkitgtk3, I noticed it hadn't installed during the setup 
powershell script.  This failed due to a missing angleproject package.  This 
was not available in pacman anymore, so I ended up modifying setup-mingw64.ps1 
to add this to the install and re-ran it and it appears to have installed 

But, that brings me to now where I'm stuck.  I am getting the following error 
when building:
[ 42%] Linking CXX shared library 
 CMakeFiles/gncmod-engine.dir/objects.a(gnc-date.cpp.obj): in function 
 undefined reference to 
undefined reference to 
undefined reference to `icu_64::Calendar::getFirstDayOfWeek(UErrorCode&) 
const'collect2.exe: error: ld returned 1 exit status

Any hints as to how to debug this one?

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