> On Aug 24, 2019, at 3:15 PM, Marco Rossi <ma...@markreds.it> wrote:
> Hi everybody,
> I’m looking for informations on how to use the engine API and include it in 
> my own application where I need to manipulate gnucash documents 
> (reading/writing transaction for example) but I found only old outdated infos.
> I’ve downloaded the gnucash sources tree and I started to study files into 
> the engine sub-directory but it seems to be very confusing to me.
> Is there any updated documentation somewhere? Or could you suggest me any 
> other application/project that I could study to understand how to use the 
> GnuCash API?
> Thanks in advance.

The API documentation is built using Doxygen, with nightlies available at 
https://code.gnucash.org/docs/MAINT/. It's far from complete and is mostly of 
individual functions with nothing about what pieces you need to create a new 
application based on it.
You'll have to study the sources.

John Ralls
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