Also very interesting, is this graph form the survey showing how the 
technologies relate to each other, and from that one *might* surmise the use 

If I’m reading that correctly, it looks like VSCode is the preferred IDE for 
JS/TS developers for web applications. Devs working more directly on Windows 
Desktop seem to prefer the full VS, but that might also be affected by the 
demographics - younger developers are preferring VSCode and they are 
gravitating towards web platforms rather than desktop.

> On Aug 27, 2019 w35d239, at 7:37 AM, Dale Phurrough <> wrote:
> I noticed earlier the use of "VS" and was watching it for context. Now I see 
> more clearly what was intended.
> You want to actually use the Visual Studio UI and the Visual Studio compiler. 
> And consider VS Code a lesser option "at a stretch".
> I've tons of experience with Visual Studio. It is good for legacy Visual 
> Studio projects, large in-house teams, and rigid development cycles. None of 
> those three align well with GnuCash.
> Contrast that to VS Code. Personally, I use it for everything now. And I use 
> it across platforms, across projects, and always with open-source projects.
> This "windows developer" that you are seeking...are you sure they want Visual 
> Studio? Or is VS Code a better fit? I ask because the approach one takes will 
> be different between the two; and likely not worth the effort to support both.
> Each of the two will have their own possibilities of: editor, packager, and 
> compiler/linker. Luckily, there is some overlap.
> Here is recently statistics and reports on dev tool use VS Code and Visual 
> Studio. VS Code is ahead and the younger devs (via hires) prefer it.

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