On 2017-06-16, Derek Atkins wrote:

> Adam Funk <a24...@ducksburg.com> writes:
>>> Not necessarily.  The "default" backend would be SQLite, which is a DB
>>> that stores into a single file.  So it will act like the current XML
>>> backend in terms of storage, but not necessarily the same with backup
>>> files.  However no server is required.
>> Great!  Thanks to you & Colin for that information.
> Also keep in mind that the mysql data isn't compressed, so your disk
> space usage will grow significantly when using a SQL backend vs the
> (compressed) XML.

I'm not worried about that, as long as I have an easy way to back the
data up.  The SQLite option sounds good to me.  (The files can be
compressed & encrypted to store off-line, as I'm already doing.)

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