> On Aug 6, 2017, at 12:15 AM, Macho Philipovich <mach...@riseup.net> wrote:
> Hi again,
> Unrelated invoice issue: what engine does Gnucash use to render html,
> and is there any way to debug it with an "inspect element"-like tool?
> I'm having trouble getting the css to do what I want, and yet when I
> "Export HTML-formatted report to file" and open it in Firefox, my
> invoice renders just fine, the way I intended! (Exporting every invoice
> is not an option, for a few reasons.)
> Is there some browser that I could install that shares the rendering
> engine with Gnucash and that provides any debug tools?
> In case the context is somehow significant, I've been building my own
> css and scm files to use with the tax invoice report and they look
> great, with one small exception: there's a small bit that's not
> rendering as intended.
> Thanks, as always!

GnuCash uses WebkitGtk to render and display. The current release uses the old 
webkit1 API, which means nothing newer that WebKitGtk-2.4, though the Windows 
and Mac app bundles use older versions because of build issues. It's likely 
that it doesn't support CSS3.

Since we're simply creating a WebKitWebView and sticking it in a GtkNotebook 
there's no way to access any of the inspection tools that a full-on browser 
supplies without coding them in to src/html.

John Ralls

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