I've got a question about using virtual accounts along with QFX imports.

I found this thread about using virtual accounts to do budgeting:

I rather like how it works from the perspective that I know how much money
is available in my checking account for things that I haven't budgeted.
This also works well when reconciling against my statement as I can check
the box to include sub-accounts and everything balances.

However when I import a QFX file, the importer will only look at the top
level account for transactions. This means that I need to manually clear
the transactions in the sub-accounts.

My wife uses Quickbooks at work and says there is a view that works for her
for this. She can create these virtual sub-accounts and see their
individual transactions, however when she looks at the top-level account
she sees all transactions for the top account and the sub-accounts.

Is there a way to do this in GnuCash?


- Jon

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