On woensdag 9 augustus 2017 02:47:52 CEST Jeffrey Black wrote:
> The last post I can find on this is from 2013, and there were no
> satisfactory answers then.
> Does anyone know how or of a utility that will allow me to print reports
> without the text splitting in half across page breaks?  PDF does not work
> and besides I can not import it into my documents.  HTML export to a browser
> is not really an option as I need to add these reports to documents in Open
> Office.
The good news is that in gnucash 2.8 this will no longer be an issue. The more 
recent webkit2 being used does properly handle page breaks.

The bad news is our Windows version of gnucash 2.8 will stick with webkit1 as 
webkit2 is not available there. So unfortunately on Windows the page breaks 
will continue to be borked. For now there is no solution to this.


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