I run Gnucash on a Mac, but under VirtualBox with Ubuntu. That way, my data is 
stashed on a virtual disk for security and it’s a cleaner environment.

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> On 9 August 2017 at 11:31, Geert Janssens &lt;geert.gnucash@&gt; wrote:
>> On woensdag 9 augustus 2017 02:47:52 CEST Jeffrey Black wrote:
>>> The last post I can find on this is from 2013, and there were no
>>> satisfactory answers then.
>>> Does anyone know how or of a utility that will allow me to print reports
>>> without the text splitting in half across page breaks?  PDF does not work
>>> and besides I can not import it into my documents.  HTML export to a
>>> browser
>>> is not really an option as I need to add these reports to documents in
>>> Open
>>> Office.
>> The good news is that in gnucash 2.8 this will no longer be an issue. The
>> more
>> recent webkit2 being used does properly handle page breaks.
>> The bad news is our Windows version of gnucash 2.8 will stick with webkit1
>> as
>> webkit2 is not available there. So unfortunately on Windows the page
>> breaks
>> will continue to be borked. For now there is no solution to this.
> Other than the obvious one to not use Windows.
> That may sound like a flippant comment, but actually it is not
> difficult to move to something like Ubuntu unless you absolutely need
> an application that is only available on Windows. I did it some years
> ago and have never regretted it. It is great to feel that one is back
> in control of one's PC again.
> Colin
> _______________________________________________
> As you and Geert pointed out moving to a Unix based system would be the
> smart thing to do, for many reasons.  Unfortunately I am still stuck with
> some legacy WidoZe apps for which there are no replacements, yet.  Once I
> can find suitable replacements for them I will happily remove the only
> legally available computer virus in the world from my computer and go
> strictly with a UNIX box.  
> You have no idea how happy I was when I discovered GnuCash and it's very
> unrelated distant cousin GnuCash for Android.
> Since I do not want to take a chance on wiping my windows boot drive just
> yet I think I will take your suggestions and try running a copy of Ubuntu in
> a VMware box and printing reports from there.  Simple enough to get access
> to a copy of my data files.
> Thanks for the idea.
> --JEffrey Black M.B.A.

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