Hi, Christopher,

Am 02.08.2017 um 17:39 schrieb Christopher Lam:
> Terminology changed from VAT/GST to generic 'tax' and TaxTables must use
> 'Input'/'Output' names.

I liked the old terminology more. AFAIK in most countries the businesses
or it's owners have to pay one or more income based taxes, too.

I had not the time to study the deails of your reports, but a few
questions raise.

1. from

> ;; Original report by Robert Merkel <rgm...@mira.net>

>From which report is it derived?

2. Do you make use of
https://www.gnucash.org/docs/v2.6/C/gnucash-help/set-tax-options.html ?

shows the current use for US Income Tax
and with prefix "de" german VAT

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