> On Aug 11, 2017, at 9:18 PM, Robert Kuchta <kuc...@sapo.pt> wrote:
> I am new to Gnucash and I am having problems with the installation. I had no 
> problem to download the app in my application folder, but I cannot keep it in 
> the dock and it does not appear in the launchpad.  It stays in the dock as 
> long as the computer is on, but when I switch it off in the evening it is 
> gone. I have to go again to the application folder and reload the app. That 
> always takes a long time. What can I do to keep the app in the dock and how 
> do I get it into the launchpad? Can you help?

Sounds like you're on a Mac. There are two ways to get an app to stay in the 
dock: You can drag it there from Finder or while it's running you can 
control-click and select "Options>Keep in Dock".

If neither of those is working for you then there's something wrong with your 
mac. You should do the usual recovery tricks (restart, clear NVRAM, run 
DiskUtility's First Aid, etc.) and if it still fails schedule a visit to your 
nearest Genius Bar.

John Ralls

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