Thanks, Frank.
1. You were absolutely right in pointing that the URL on the
was outdated. I changed it to the correct one, which is already listed as a
reserve in the next line of .pm
& it works as a charm now! I have placed a record of this change in GitHub
source of this module

2. I still have issues with yahoo_json which does not return any value for
Indian stocks using the symbols on
for example:=====================
rs@debian:~/Documents$ gnc-fq-dump yahoo_json SBIN.NS
Finance::Quote fields Gnucash uses:
    symbol: SBIN.NS              <=== required
      date: ** missing **        <=== recommended
  currency: ** missing **        <=== required
      last:                      <=\       
       nav:                      <=== one of these
     price:                      <=/        
  timezone:                      <=== optional

** This stock quote cannot be used by GnuCash!
Any ideas as to how to resolve this ?

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