> On Aug 12, 2017, at 12:33 PM, Fred Weihs <fwe...@fweihs.ca> wrote:
> I have just installed GnuCash as a replacement in Linux for Quick Cash 
> Manager which I used under Windows. I will need to download transactions from 
> my Canadian financial institution. When I check the process for downloading 
> into GnuCash, the directory of financial institutions to connect with are all 
> American. Can I download from a Canadian institution?

Maybe. There are two ways to download and import data: The easier one is if 
your bank provides a download option on its website to download transactions as 
OFX, QFX, or QIF. Do that and then use File>Import>OFX/QFX or File>Import>QIF 
to import the downloaded file into GnuCash. The other method is to use 
OnlineBanking, which is provided by a separately-developed facility called 
AQBanking. In order for that to work your bank must support a protocol called 
OFX-DirectConnect and you must be able to obtain the necessary information and 
credentials to tell GnuCash how to connect. More information on the latter 
method may be found at 

John Ralls

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