Just a heads up that starting with gnucash 2.6.20 and 2.7.4 (beta release to 
become 3.0) it will no longer be necessary to edit the gnucash environment 
file to get Finance::Quote working with the Alpha Vantage quote source.

Instead there will be a new option under Edit->Preferences->Online Quotes 
where you can set the key from within gnucash.

This has two advantages:
1. (most obvious) this should be easier
2. you only have to set the key once. It won't be overwritten during a gnucash 
application update.

I have updated the gnucash FAQ [1] accordingly. The only remaining issue is 
that gnc-fq-update will not retrieve the key from the gnucash settings. So if 
you run gnc-fq-update you will still need to add it to the environment as 
described in the FAQ.

On a related note, as of the same future gnucash releases you will also find 
the version of Finance::Quote that gnucash discovered on the system in the 
Gnucash About dialog.



[1] https://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/FAQ#Q:_Why_doesn.27t_online_quoting_work.3F

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