On 02/02/2018 07:57 PM, Lorrie E Clemens wrote:
I have had this problem before and someone was able to help. I have loaded 
Gnucash onto my hard drive. That was the previous fix. But every time I try to 
open it up I get “the file URI/Users/Lorrie/Desktop/imbalance .gnucash could 
not be found”
How do I get into my file?
Sounds to me like that was the last file you had opened, then moved/deleted it, so it  is trying to open that file again, but it can't find it.

If that is the case, go to a terminal window or a cmd window in Windows, and enter the following command: gnucash --nofile (might be different in Apple?)

It should open up a blank copy of GNUCash. Then you can go to file/open or file/new to open or create a file.

Rick Copple
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