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Matt Graham <matt_graham2...@hotmail.com> wrote:

> Sorry, you are probably all sick of this thread, but can the
> unsubscribe process send an email to the person unsubscribing to tell
> them "if you have a third party mail thing like Nabble, make sure you
> unsubscribe there or you'll keep getting messages "
> Thanks and regards,
> Matt

This is what I have just put as unsubscribe text.


You are no longer subscribed to the Gnucash-user list. You can no
longer post to the list. If you receive the list mail through Nabble or
Gmane or another reflector, you will have to unsubscribe there so that
you do not receive any more list emails.


That way you don't all have to unsubscribe and subscribe just so you
can read it and tell me if it can be improved.

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