I am currently trying to set up Gnucash and am encountering a great deal of
aberrant behavior.

1. Using the cursor in pull down lists selects the item below the cursor
which can be overcome with the up/down arrow keys

2. Currency selection shifts from default (USD) to Andorian Franc (ADF)

3. Entry in “Account Name” field is transferred into “Account Code” field

4. Apple Pages files have the gnu cash file identifier appended to the file
name with it’s “Pages” file identifier

5. The new account window is slightly too short to permit selection of

6. Clicking on GC window during what appears to be a launch hang-up results
in a “Unsaved Book” with no data in it and notification that "The
file/URI/Users/PMK/Desktop/SEP 2018 Itinerary.pages.gnucash could not be
found. the referenced file is a pages file with ".gnucash" appended to it.

Any diagnostic or solution suggestions will be appreciated.


Mac OSX High Sierra 10.13.3
GnuCash 2.6.19
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