Ah, okay. Weird.

I’ve also realised that when you start a new budget you should see all ‘zeros’ 
in each ‘cell’ too. So I was on the wrong lines talking about that (thought the 
cells might be there with no values entered, but by default you would see 0.00 
in each cell until you enter something. Light grey for ones that it has 
calculated from sub-accounts, black for ones that are lowest level or you have 

Can you see the four “Totals” rows at the bottom – Income, Expenses, Transfers, 
and Total? Do they have Zeros next to each period?

The only other thing I can think of is if you have accidently created a budget 
report, rather than a budget. You created it through “Actions” => “Budget” => 
“New Budget”, right? You could try creating another budget for the same time 
period and seeing if it displays the same behaviour.

Thanks and regards,


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Hierarchy is good. "no cells" means that I would expect to see cells like on an 
excel spreadsheet but there aren't any - the space under the time period is 
just a blank page.


On 2/3/2018 10:05 PM, Matt Graham wrote:
Hi Bruce!

Have you established your account hierarchy? The budget view should mirror your 
normal account hierarchy and allow you to enter values against each time 
period. So when you say ‘no cells’, do you mean you can see the accounts on the 
left and the periods along the top?

Additionally, do you have any hidden accounts? The default is no, so this 
shouldn’t be the problem, but accounts can be hidden so you don’t see them 
which could theoretically be why you aren’t seeing the cells.

Finally, are you Windows? There is a bug in windows whereby the display can be 
incredibly slow to respond. I have to click on a cell and wait almost a minute 
(no joke) before I can enter the value....

Thanks and regards,


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Subject: Entering Budget Values

Today is my first day with GnuCash and everything was going well until I tried 
to enter budgets for my accounts. I have selected 2018 as my time frame (12 
periods). ‘Help’ says all I have to do is select a cell (month) and enter the 
value but I don’t have any cells. Where have I gone wrong?

Bruce Clark
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