Sorry, I'm not using my usual mail software and forgot to reply to the
list. I'm copying this for posterity, my apologies Bert for the duplicate

I suppose the term 'exploit' then was the most concise and precise choice.
It just wasn't what I guess I was thinking of in this context at first.

Certainly, speak to a local accountant for specific recommendations for
your situation, especially with respect to the cash portion of the business.

With respect to Gnucash, you'd probably want to set up 2 liability
accounts, one for each VAT.

Liabilities:VAT Payable:Low
Liabilities:VAT Payable:High

(optionally include the rate in the name, but that depends on how often it
is likely to change)

This way you can track which one you owe and can post invoices/transactions
to each one separately.

For the income/revenue accounts you could get specific and have one for
each type of equipment or keep it generalized. Since you earn money from
both using equipment directly and renting, you could put the equipment
first in the hierarchy.

Income:Food Carts:Operations
Income:Food Carts:Rentals

Optionally, you could make the Operations and Rentals as the higher level
accounts and place each type of equipment under them.

Income:Operations:Food Carts
Income:Rentals:Food Carts

Either method will allow you to produce reports specific to each type of
income and each type of equipment. The second method is probably easier to
use because of the way accounts are selected in the report options and is
probably more commonly used since you are more likely to want to see for
the business overall where your revenue is coming from and then only later
get specific with details of which attractions and locations are profitable.

I'd use the transaction memos for including the location to use as a report
filter. There is also an action field on the left of the transaction just
to the right of the date (under the NUM field) You could repurpose this to
hold a simple weather term like 'sunny' 'cloudy' or 'rainy' etc. That field
should be available as a filter as well.

On Wed, Feb 7, 2018 at 6:37 PM, Bert Heijne <> wrote:

> Adrien,
> Q1 has been answered. was easy so have don that.
> Q2 - I'm Dutch [Hollander] and you have it quite right.
> Q1-  My story is that we own some attractions carousel's, a train and
> other smaller stands with food.
> We Have 2 VAT categorized for us , the low one 6% and high 21%
> Most of the time we operate the carousel (attractions) by ourself,  so we
> earn cash money so thats low VAT 6% going from city to city or village.
> Most of the city's we have to pay rent for the spot we are standing on.
> For city's we regularly visit I would like to make a report of revenue for
> that city. but for now thats not a priority.
> When we rent our carousel and ourselves for a day with free rides for the
> kits it is high VAT 21% and get payed in cash on delivery or afterwards but
> also by invoice (hopefully in advance by reservation)
> Al the things we own and rent out is high VAT by a rent contract and so we
> can make invoices.
> If we selling food only is 6% VAT but when we rent out a food stand with
> food it is High VAT. (with gnucash we can make a high and low specific VAT
> invoice but for now we only rent out with high VAT)
> The expenses for maintenance of the attractions can go into another total
> expense account and make reports from the memo fields
> I hope this explains to you how my business works.
> Q 3 because we have much cash flow do we need a payment condition for cash
> payment invoices and also VAT rates for Cash?
> Ps I can send you my Accounts overview, its in dutch but can translate it
> for u.
> Bert.
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> Van: Bert Heijne
> Verzonden: woensdag 7 februari 2018 12:12
> Aan:
> Onderwerp: Accounting rules
> Hello everyone,
> As a new be to bookkeeping and Gnucash. I have some questions about
> accounting. I already did some work with GC and read the manual.
> My company is a rental of party material and we have some attractions that
> we rent and we exploit the attractions.
> So we have invoice and bills, cash income from the rental (pay at
> delivery) and Cash income from the attractions.
> 1- Is it wise to give the attractions we exploit and have cash income
> from, make them customer so we can track their income and get it to the
> wright Vat box. Also track information about where and Weather conditions?
> Say reservation of the first 20 customer numbers for the attractions.
> 2- Can I remove a customer from the customer list that i accidental made?
> (it was suppose to be a vendor) or just change the input. customer isn't
> used yet in any transaction.
> For now these questions, I have a lot so Thanks for the help
> Greeting Bert
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