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Go to Preferences > General > Numbers. You can increase your decimal precision. 
Did that solve the small fraction issue?

That isn't a good way to go if your base currency is a 2 decimal one. Creating a commodity with the appropriate number of decimals and using that is better.

By chance there is another more recent but simpler thread

Subject: How to Manually Track a Collection of Stocks & Stuff Combined into a Single Share

it is the same basic problem. "put the other leg in equity" doesn't work for me and the variance is actually the value not the price which is what makes them different to traded investments which gnc deals with well as you can just put the the date and price in for market traded things.

As for modeling the investment, I’m not familiar with p2x. I’ll let someone 
else chime in who is.

On that note, I tried looking it up but didn’t come up with anything useful 
explaining it. Do you have a few info links I could pour over? Once I 
understand what it is, I might be able to help modeling it in Gnucash.

The only related thing I found was Peer-to-Peer lending but that didn’t involve 
negative interest rates as far as I could tell.

peer to peer is now p2x in common terms because the second peer is no longer an individual in most cases and almost all lending goes through an intermediary. very few actual p2p transactions happen.

the lending can now involve: personal loans (how it started), mortgages, agriculture loans, 3rd world specific investments, invoice factoring, business loans, pawnbroking, etc and possibly some other stuff you and I probably don't want to know about or get involved in :) I stick to reliable exchanges.

Perhaps I should have left out the word "interest" if it is confusing. A non zero return occurs if you buy an interest bearing instrument at anything other than par. You are buying someone else's interest (a premium) or getting some of their interest because they don't want the risk of the principle (a discount). There are loads of other reasons for buying and selling, of course.

The point is interest and other returns are *traded* and I'm not finding it obvious how to do this in gnc as part of a composite tx.

gnc likes simple investment returns

one leg asset receiving
one leg income to balance
third leg asset to join them up

or similar.

Maybe I should change the way I work so that I produce 3 tx per month

asset change
and the one gnc wants

I'm certain my tx is right in accounting terms but somehow it isn't being "seen" by gnc for what it is.

Anyway, it has been useful to me to explain so no harm done. Who knows I may wake up with the answer tomorrow, I am certainly closer in my own mind.


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