how can I retract (invalidate) an already posted invoice without
removing the existing transaction or altering the amounts of the
transaction? (The invoice was created using the Business functions)

A customer requested an invoice to be split so I need to retract the
original invoice and create two new ones. According to German accounting
rules (*) transactions must not be altered in any way that hides their
previous content. So I need some way to invalidate the original invoice
without removing or changing the posted transactions. I need the
transactions to be voided (with the original amounts still visible) or
reversed. It needs to be clear that the invoice has been retracted
(e.g. by adding a suitable description to the transaction).

What I tried so far:

1. Marking the invoice as "not active"

   Had no effect at all on the accounts so it doesn't help.

2. Using "Void Transaction" on the transaction associated with the

   Makes the original amounts invisible (even though they seem to be
   retained in the data file) so this isn't compliant with GoBD. Haven't
   checked how it would affect the Business functions (Customer Report

3. Using "Add Reversing Transaction" on the transaction associated with
   the invoice.

   The reversed transaction looks exactly like the invoice transaction
   (only with reversed amounts) and cannot be edited manually. It's very
   hard to understand what the transaction is about and it's impossible
   to add even a reference number to it. Likely to cause at least
   confusion if it comes up during a tax inspection. Haven't checked how
   it would affect the Business functions (Customer Report etc.).

What I haven't tried:

1. "Paying" the invoice

   Would incorrectly increase the income accounts.


(*) GoBD: Grundsätze zur ordnungsmäßigen Führung und Aufbewahrung von
    Büchern, Aufzeichnungen und Unterlagen in elektronischer Form sowie
    zum Datenzugriff [1]
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