On 11 February 2018 at 05:29, Matt Graham <matt_graham2...@hotmail.com>

> Probably stupid question – is there a way to set rules on the gnucash-user
> account?
> Ie anytime someone sends an email that starts with “Re gnucash-user
> Digest”, the system rejects their email with a response along the lines of
> “Please do not reply to the digest without changing the subject line. Start
> a new email with the subject line the same as the topic you wish to respond
> to.”
> Thanks and regards,
> Matt

There was a discussion about this on the HP/Agilent Yahoo group a week or
two ago. Someone mentioned that some other group he was a member of, anyone
that receives the digest was on 'permanent moderation' so if ever they
replied to a digest, it would be blocked. If they replied to a non-digest
message, the moderator would let it pass. This does not seem unreasonable
to me, because it inconveniences a lot of people to have a subject such as
the month of the digest, rather than something more specific.

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