On 2/13/2018 10:56 AM, Rich Shepard wrote:
Hi all,

For tax purposes non-cash donations of goods and services are deductible.
I would like to track those as an account (or off-setting accounts) in
gnucash and do not find how best to do this in the guide or help docs. I'm
open to suggestions on how to track these transactions.


Clarify your question for us.

Are you asking "can I use gnucash to track this?" (yes) or "can I easily do this WITHIN my main gnucash books? (maybe not, and probably not simply, easily, etc.(

Remember, for reporting purposes, you still will be reporting these donations in terms of dollars. You will want to have some way of noting/marking which require the additional substantiating paperwork.

Since I do NOT use guncash for personal accounting (no personal "regular books") but do normally itemize and so need to track donations I do have a "virtual" Donations set of books. In my case, I also want to get a report that shows me not only total donations but which organizations on our "get an annual donation" have received theirs, for this I use a "funny" set of books that has ONLY accounts of type "income" and "expense". The income side has "by check", "by cash", and "in kind" and the expense side a tree of receiving entities. We wan to track non-deductible donations too, so those two categories are the main parents, deductible further broken into types of organizations, non-deductible into simple non 501(c) 3 ("informal entities", "beggars", "unknown status") and "PAC".

The only report I need to run against this is an "Income Statement"

As it happens, we make only trivial "in kind" donations", but if we were doing some substantial ones (that needed individual documentation) I would have split the "in kind" on the income side between those that did and those that didn't. Since these NOT by check, could always use the number field to mark when the documentation was in hand.

Michael D Novack

PS: I use guncash for other sorts of "virtual" entities. For example, one that treats our solar system AS IF it were an entity that had income and expenses, was operating on borrowed money on which it was paying interest as well as paying the loan back, and which later, perhaps, will be paying dividends after the loan is paid off. Additional expenses are things like its share of our property insurance, estimated affect on our taxes, etc. Income items are things like tax credits, credits to our electric bill, sale of SRECs (being taxable, would be an example of part of that going for an expense).

MOST examples you see for solar systems discuss "payback" as if money were free of interest and/or there were no effects on other expenses. I wanted one which was realistic about a normal rate on a 20 year fixed mortgage,other expenses, etc. I chose 4%, which at the time was GOOD for 20 year fixed, taxable interest, loan and this would actually be an internal (non-taxable) loan so really equivalent to AAA and ~5%

But looking at that set of books, not obvious "virtual" as otherwise appear more or less normal. Just that there ISN'T such an entity.
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