On 2/13/2018 12:43 PM, Rich Shepard wrote:
  I'm puzzled how I can find the source of the imbalance at the bottom of
the 2017 trial balance report when both the checking and saving accounts
reconcile with the bank's records (as of today). The trial balance period is
1 Jan 2017 through 31 Dec 2017.

  Please provide a clue stick where I should start looking.


What I don't understand is why you think the checking and savings accounts agreeing with the bank's records should have anything to do with it. Maybe consider going back over the "basics of double entry bookkeeping".

But I'll try to help. Go to the Imbalance account. For each transaction there, go to* the other account which is almost certainly the account from which you entered the transaction. From that view of things you should notice that you failed to specify the account that was the other side of this transaction. That every transaction in double entry bookkeeping has AT LEAST two accounts associated with it is basic.

I wish as easy as I made this sound. Back when you originally entered the transaction you probably knew what it was about. You might now be faced with the question "what was that check #1234 written back on June 7th, 2017 for? I can see it was in the XYZ store, but they sell all sorts of things". You MAY end up having to create another expense account for "unknown".

Michael D Novack

* You can see from the transaction in Imbalance a date and the name of the other account
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