"I wanted to like Gnucash, I really did, but it crashes e=whenever I try 
to generate any report from any Gnucash file. "

Hi Stan,

I am with you on some of your issues.

I am using GNUcash on a Windows 8.1 iNtel core i7 laptop and PC Ubuntu 16.

I am guessing that the problem you have is the hard drive speed of your
laptop.  I must say that my laptop was generally intolerably slow with
Windows 8 so I can relate to your speed problem.

I have upgraded to 8 Gig RAM and an SSD hard drive. It was worth every penny
for all operations especially Windows apps. GNUcash now works fine. Many of
my programs crashed because of the demands made on memory and drive speeds.

I also run GNUcash on Ubuntu 16. Ubuntu is generally faster than Windows I
think. No crashing problems on Ubuntu.

My data files are accessed on a local LAN server that in turn saves to
Dropbox. No problems with crashing or speed.

I have two similar main problems and suggestions:

1.      Existing standard Reports - The report editing for existing reports
is inadequate and the addition of a logo upsets the printing layout. I have
not been able to find a copy of Eguile to download. I would welcome a
reference to a safe site where I can download it. 

2.     Custom reports - There has to be an easier way to generate custom
reports. Using the present system is way too complicated and different
authors seem to have different approaches. 

3.     There are several reports that are essential for a systematic takeon.
EG I have not been able to generate a report that gives me a journal that
contains the control accounts for customers. There does not seem to be a
link with the accounts receivable and its customers control account. EG a
bank transaction that records a receipt must be allocated to the accounts
receivable and split to the customer. I don't see the option to add a
customer to a payment or receipt or deposit in the upload template.

4.     I have not been able to generate a list of required headings for bank
account and other transactions. What I had hoped to do was to load and sort
bank account transactions in Excel or LibreOffice but I need to know the
essential headings. 


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