Op vrijdag 23 februari 2018 16:06:37 CET schreef Jeff Abrahamson:
> Thanks.  I see my question wasn't clear.  My problem is that I want to
> import the splits and it seems I can only import transactions.
> I.e. (super simplified):
>     deposit cheque           bank                      dx 100.00
>     cheque 1        Alice    membership     rx 50.00
>     cheque 2        Bob      membership     rx 50.00
> Jeff

Assuming this is one transaction, you are essentially asking to import multi-
split transactions.

This is not possible in gnucash 2.6, but it will be in 3.0 (which we are 
preparing for release, hopefully next month).

As Buddha points out you will need a couple of fields in your spreadsheet that 
are transaction level, like a transaction date and a description.

For each multisplit transaction in your spreadsheet, the first line of each 
transaction must have these required fields, the subsequent lines must either 
contain the exact same information in the transaction fields or they must be 
empty. A change in any of the transaction fields (other than being empty) is 
interpreted as the start of a new transaction.



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