FYI, by clean I meant that I was running only Debian compiled programs downloaded from the repository, but in all honesty had forgotten that I had tried to install some of Doug Doughty's custom reports.

In any case, I reinstalled Gnucash, created a new .gnucash directory into which I copied my existing gnucash data file (gnucash.personal in sql format) & tried again. Now I get only:

Found Finance::Quote version 1.35
Segmentation fault
I also rebuilt the data file with the .dump command.

Here's the contents of the gnucash.trace file:

* 11:33:18  CRIT <gnc.backend.dbi> [sqlite3_error_fn()] DBI error: -6: An invalid or out-of-range index was passed to libdbi



On 02/23/2018 11:00 AM, John Ralls wrote:

On Feb 23, 2018, at 8:10 AM, C M Reinehr <> wrote:

This morning I am unable to start Gnucash. Whenever I try I receive the 
following message:

;;; note: auto-compilation is enabled, set GUILE_AUTO_COMPILE=0
;;;       or pass the --no-auto-compile argument to disable.
;;; compiling /home/cmr/.gnucash/gnctimeperiod-utilities.scm
;;; WARNING: compilation of /home/cmr/.gnucash/gnctimeperiod-utilities.scm 
;;; ERROR: no code for module (gnucash gettext)
Found Finance::Quote version 1.35
Segmentation fault
and the program terminates.

I have been running Gnucash v 2.6.4 for some time now on my Debian system -- 
"Jessie, v 8.10. All programs & libraries are up to date.

I know that I could update Gnucash to a more current version but I prefer to run a 
"clean" Debian stable (in this case, old stable) system. Until recently this 
version of Gnucash has been more than satisfactory.

Anyone have any ideas?
You’re deceiving yourself about running a “clean” system: 
gnctimeperiod-utilities.scm is part of Doug Doughty’s transaction report 
extensions, not part of GnuCash proper.

The error suggests that the compilation can’t find 
/share/gnucash/scm/gnucash/gettext.scm or 
/lib/gnucash/scm/ccache/2.0/gnucash/gettext.go. The most likely cause is that 
the environment variables GUILE_LOAD_PATH and GUILE_LOAD_COMPILED_PATH have 
gotten changed somehow.

John Ralls

"I've never let my school interfere with my education." -- Mark Twain

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